Brian Hasler

Evansville, IN | Chairman, House Technology Research & Development Committee of State of Indiana House of Representatives |

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the work that David Baldwin of Aquarian Technology Systems has provided to me and the members of the House Technology Research and development Committee in the passage of the State Technology and Retention (STAR) bill during the 2004 session of the Indiana General Assembly, and for his tireless efforts in the development of the SMART School Partnership.

Dave Baldwin played a vital role in the passage of the STAR bill, a blue print for the expansion of technology in Indiana, for the retention and recapture of our State’s best and brightest graduates, and for the matching of those graduates with high paying technology related enterprises that choose to locate or grow in Indiana.

It is with great appreciation that I commend Mr. David Baldwin of Aquarian Technology Systems for his contributions to building a better future for Indiana’s graduates and for future growth of technology within our State.