At New World of Work, we first partnered with Aquarian Technology Systems and embraced the concept of Futurecasting by engaging in the study of extensive socioeconomic research. We wanted to apply this research to create a bridge linking education and workforce development.

Among numerous resources, content from Futurist Glen Hiemstra on the Future of Work, the Future Work Skills 2020 Report produced by the Institute for the Future, and articles published in Forbes indicating by 2020 up to 50% of the workforce would be freelance, lead us to hold a series of Skills Panels. In these panels we gathered feedback from employers, entrepreneurs, human resources specialists, educators, and students to determine the essential employability skills required in our emerging global economy.

From this body of knowledge, we established the “Top 10” 21st Century Skills list, which includes:


Analysis/Solution Mindset



Digital Fluency


Entrepreneurial Mindset



Social/Diversity Awareness

Take a look at our full report and executive summary to learn more about our research and hosting your own Skills Panels. Please contact us if you’d like assistance developing a skills panel.