Dave Baldwin is a member of  the Cuyahoga Community College 3D Digital Design Additive Manufacturing Program Advisory Committee Workforce, Community and Economic Development Division.

Mission & Purpose:  To advance the additive manufacturing initiatives in Northeast Ohio by engaging and promoting Workforce and educational needs.

Tri-C is committed to providing industry with qualified Workforce and opportunities for professional development in additive through conferences, seminars, and networking opportunity. The purpose of the Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-CO) Additive

Manufacturing Advisory Committee is to provide guidance and direction as to the training for current and future talent needs of the additive manufacturing industry, in Northeast Ohio. You are our eyes and ears and can provide real time information on the short-term and long-term needs of your organization and this region’s industry.

While you will decide how you believe this Additive Manufacturing Advisory

Committee could best benefit the 3D Digital Design Additive Manufacturing program in the Workforce Community and Economic Development Division (WCED) of Tri-CO, it is our hope that we can look to you for the following, when appropriate:

  • Review curriculum to offer guidance
  • Partnership opportunities on grants
  • Partnership in development of curriculums to address unmet workforce needs Representation at Job Fairs
  • Connection of employers to job seeking students

Act as guest speakers (or provide a representative) to classes or recruitments events  Guidance so that WCED may effectively prepare and place graduating students in work experiences and jobs offered by employers in the industry

  • Function as a resource to other companies in the Additive Manufacturing industry that may have need for talent and/or specific workforce training