About US

The Aquarian Story

Aquarian Technology Systems is an experienced convener and collaborator assisting communities, organizations, and individuals with a variety of futures oriented platform services.  In this era of accelerations and exponential change, Aquarian applies its expertise and engages its global resource network to inspire its clients to imagine the unimaginable and navigate their successful journey into the future.

A little bit about Dave

Mr. Baldwin has over thirty years experience in management consulting and organizational leadership in both the public and private sector.  His strength, and that of the company, is the contemporary understanding of community, organization and technology systems, their interdependence and the ability to structure and facilitate planned change.  Aquarian is responsible for the creation and management of the Indiana schools SMART Partnership, a multi-state business -education partnership to improve the math and science achievement of middle school students.

Our job is not to predict the future, but to help you build processes for understanding where your industry is moving. Navigating the future is increasingly difficult in an interconnected world where you may be impacted by developments in multiple industries, so we look in places that you might not consider to provide new and sometimes surprising sources of information. David Baldwin’s ability to integrate diverse data is reflected by his membership in Techcastglobal.com a virtual forecasting think tank that has been recognized by the National Academies for the strength of their work. While moving your organization towards its future we find that your members can be resistant to this change. We work with our clients to guide their teams to future success.

Dave Baldwin

President & Chief Synthesist