Results-Driven Business Networking Service

Let Aquarian work for you in Washington, D.C.

  • Linkages to targeted industry organizations, associates and experts

  • Research on Federal initiatives and legislation pertinent to client agenda

  • Attendance at national conferences in the Washington D.C. area representing client and its agenda

  • Attendance at national meetings of significance to client agenda

  • Washington presence on behalf of client organizational agenda

(Aquarian is not a registered lobbyist and in no way should these services be construed as lobbying)

Business Networking Services for the Modern Entrepreneur

Achieve more with help from professionals that specialize in business networking services. Aquarian Technology Systems is your passport to new connections in the fields of business and nonprofit work. When you need new perspectives on your endeavors, turn to our talented team, and we’ll put our decades of experience to work for you, opening doors to new opportunities that help your projects flourish.

The Aquarian Advantage

When you’re seeking professional connections, it helps to have an experienced management consulting service at your side. Aquarian Technology Systems was founded for this very purpose, and today serves as a guide for entrepreneurs seeking to build meaningful relationships that bolster support for their goals.

Regardless of their end goals, it’s essential for creatives and innovators to surround themselves with professionals that can offer the perspectives they need to move forward. Aquarian realizes this need and provides the contacts, coordination, facilitation, and representation your organization needs to diversify its stance and further its reach.

Who We Are

For more than three decades, owner Dave Baldwin has spearheaded projects for businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations across a broad spectrum of sectors. His goal in all client interactions is facilitate connections between visionaries, creatives, and the leaders that require their personal insights to forge paths to a better future. Dave has spent his life seeking out new experiences in order to pass on the benefits to partners of Aquarian Technology Systems and specializes in:

  • Business Consulting
  • Futuring & Foresight
  • Business-Education Partnership Development
  • Global Network Construction
  • Synthesis & Multidisciplinary Problem-Solving
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Facilitation
  • Self-Organizing & Emergent Community/Organization Development

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